Quality Aspects of Serverless Architecture: An Exploratory Study on Maintainability

Example of a Stateless Function Generic Architecture on AWS Lambda


Serverless architecture is emerging more and more popular as the tools are becoming cheap and more accessible. This way of designing an architecture presents many advantages especially for computing intensive and event-driven applications. Stateless functions are the foundation for these types of architectures, and it might cause an impact on the maintainability of the software. In this paper, we statically analyzed 25 open-source projects using serverless architecture to bring out metrics that applies to the different characteristics of software maintainability. We found out that some characteristics are positively impacted whilst some other seems to be negatively impacted. This paper thus provides findings on the current state of the projects’ maintainability using serverless architecture.

14th International Conference on Software Technologies
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My research interests include mainly Empirical Software Engineering, Software Quality, Debugging, and Software Engineering for Computer Games. I’m the creator of Swarm Debugging.